Custom Spectrophotometer Cells

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Precision Glass Products Co. brings design engineers, scientists and researchers together to ensure high quality precision manufactured products.

Precision glass Products Co. (founded, 1955) has over 50 years experience manufacturing special & custom precision products from various types of glass, fused quartz, fused silica, aluminium, ferrite, Zerodur ® and other ceramics

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Glass and Quartz, grinding and polishing Glass Thermal Forming
Custom Spectrophotometer Cells
Glass & Quartz
Grinding and Polishing
Glass Thermal Forming
(Scientific Glass Blowing)
Spectrophotometer Cells

Manufacturer of absorption cells for spectrophotometry, colorimetry and flourimetry.

  • Spectrophotometer Cells
  • Cuvettes
  • Plastic Disposable Cells
  • Stirring Systems
  • Spectrophotometer Accessories
  • Microplates
Spectrocell - manufacturer of Absorption cells
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